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Fibromyalgia popularly referred as FM or FMS is a kind of chronic widespread pain and a heightened and painful response even to a gentle touch. A few other core characteristics of the disease include enfeebling fatigue, disturbed sleep, and stiffness in joints. This state which is frequently termed as Fibromyalgia syndrome can affect swallowing, bowel and bladder, and breathing. As of now there is no complete cure for the disease but it can be controlled by medication, exercise, and the right Fibromyalgia diet.

Fibromyalgia diet has gained immense popularity due to the absence of proper clinical treatment for the disease. You should not be deceived by the term Fibromyalgia diet because Fibromyalgia is still in research and no proper medication or diet prescription is available. In fact, even the term Fibromyalgia diet here really means a healthy diet that helps you feel better, gain more energy and strengthen your immune system.

It is to be noted that the Fibromyalgia diet for a particular person should be adopted according to their body constitution. While certain foods and drinks could worsen the health of a few, the same combinations might do a great favor to others. So it is a pure trial and error method to find what can work better for you. An extract of case studies results would help you organize your Fibromyalgia diet.

Majority of the patients who suffered from Fibromyalgia reported that the following Fibromyalgia diet helped them overcome the problems they faced. While all of them were given a balanced diet with a slight increase in protein content most of them reported that they felt better. Thus, we concluded that Fibromyalgia diet should be a balanced diet plus additional protein content. This can be logically true because proteins have the ability to vitalize every cell of your body and relive you from the trauma.

We included the following in the diet grains, fruits, vegetables, and little excess of poultry, fish, lean meat, and dried beans (protein rich) along with low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt.

While the above Fibromyalgia diet showed positive results for most of the patients, there were a few things that worsened the state of Fibromyalgia. This could certainly be avoided even if you don’t find much change in your state. The following are said to make Fibromyalgia worse: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and tobacco. Even if the above mentioned diet may sound like a normal balanced diet, it certainly can be termed as an effective Fibromyalgia diet.

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